What to Expect

Much like any medical appointment you may have had, I will look to explore the difficulties you have been having.  I will ask you various questions about your mental health and the impact it is having on you.  I will also ask you questions to understand your background.  If you have experienced trauma, or abuse, in the past, it is helpful to be aware of it, but I do not need to go into it in detail or ask many questions.  If you are uncomfortable with answering a question, you do not need to.

If a prescription is required, it is advisable to book a follow up appointment.  Depending on the prescription, a follow up appointment is usually advisable after 4-8 weeks.

After the assessment, I will write a clinic letter to your GP to summarise our discussion and your background.  If you do not want me to write to your GP or share information, that is ok, just let me know.  However, I cannot prescribe without sharing information with your GP.

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